A Survey of Collection and Solutions of Healthcare College Libraries

A Survey of Collection and Solutions of Healthcare College Libraries in Uttar Pradesh: Prospects, Troubles and Proposal for their Modernization


Libraries are the soul of any investigation or academic institution. They type the most very important forum of education, specifically in the field of technical education. Due to the fast pace of improvement taking location in many fields of science and technologies (S and T) it grow to be imperative for the libraries to remain up-to-date with the newest advances in technologies so that the dissemination of information and facts becomes effective, swift, feasible, financial, accessible and valuable.

The utility of a library depends largely on its collection. For that reason, it is really crucial that utmost care must be taken to pick and preserve a good and powerful collection of documents such as books, periodicals, hand books, reference books, dictionaries, directories, encyclopedias and several other connected information. Constructing and establishing a library collection in a position to meet the requires of customers, such as scientists, students, investigation scholars and other folks adequately is a major job of a fantastic library. The high quality of services offered and the satisfaction of the customers rely a terrific deal upon the sorts of collections made offered. A comprehensive, balanced and up-to-date collection is to have documents of distinct forms in numerous physical forms to satisfy the informational requires of the customers.

The basic aim of a library is to offer efficient solutions to its customers. Consequently, user satisfaction must be the key purpose of a superior librarian. This aim can not be achieved unless and until the library management has got a clear thought about the user requires and demands. The library must be nicely-equipped besides getting a good and robust collection of documents. Wide variety of solutions ought to be presented to cater to the needs of its users. Latest and up-to-date technologies really should be adopted in order to deliver superior solutions.

In the contemporary era of details explosion which has led to the evolution of multidisciplinary domains in the various fields of S and T the user demand and expectations have grown tremendously. In order to meet this challenge the library should really be nicely equipped with the modern tools of info storage and its retrieval so that the appropriate info is created readily available to the proper user at the suitable spot and at the suitable time.

With the advent of computers and World-wide-web a transformation is taking location in the information infrastructure top to the development of digital or electronic libraries. The most recent advances in the field of information and facts technology, telecommunications, application, networking, multimedia and scanning technology have produced a revolutionary transform in the field of library and data technologies. Networking technologies have resulted in the creation of virtual or on-line libraries which are immensely popular with the customers and proving to be a boon for the society as a complete due to the instant access of information anytime and anyplace in the planet. Hence the barriers of time and space have been shattered and the vast planet has been decreased into a “worldwide village” where anybody can have instant access to the facts of his/her selection by using the procedures of computer system application, networking and scanning technologies.

A digital library may possibly be defined as an electronic version of a classic library exactly where all the details is stored and preserved in digital kind. In a digital library the data accessed incorporates non-text data such as photographs, drawings, illustrations, functions of art streams of numeric data (satellite information and facts, cosmological data) digitized sound and moving visual photos and 3 D representations (holograms) apart from standard text primarily based information and facts.

There are several Allopathic Health-related Colleges in Uttar Pradesh exactly where digitization and networking of libraries can give a major increase not only to the enhancement of the quality and typical of services obtainable in the hospitals but also support to a wonderful extent in the promotion of healthcare research and study. But the implementation of this course of action of digitization and networking of libraries depends a good deal upon the part and attitude of the librarians towards this extensive procedure for its accomplishment.

Evaluation of literature

Lots of sources of facts both published and unpublished have been consulted to create a clear idea of the proposed study. It has been observed that the digitization and networking process in the field of library and data science has helped to a excellent extent in the helpful and instant dissemination of appropriate data at proper cost at correct time to the proper user.