Exam Irregularities in Nigerian Schools

According to Nwana (2000), examination malpractice is defined because the “massive and unprecedented punishment of principles and rules pertaining to central and community examinations, beginning from the placing of such examinations through the getting of the examinations, their tagging and grading, to the discharge of the outcome and the issuance of certificates.”
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In the same vein, an academic has attempted yet another information of this unbridled trend as “the act of omission or commission intended to produce a scholar go examination without counting definitely on his/her independent ability or resources.”

Particular study findings, findings, instructive and knowledgeable submissions of educationalists, academics, and other prime stakeholders in this specific industry of the nation’s economy, nevertheless, have indicated that there had been one form of examination malpractice or one other before since in the early 1970s when “mass cheating was first perpetrated in WAEC” (West African Examinations Council).

Perhaps, that realisation jolted the examination human body at the secondary school stage to study severely, different manifestations and extent of the retrogressive inclination. It apparently, categorised the different forms of examination malpractice as including providing in international components to examination halls, unusual activities inside and outside examination halls, collusion, impersonation, leakage, mass cheating and insult/assault on supervisors throughout exams.

Other kinds of exam malpractices determined by WAEC include assistance of candidates by invigilators to solution or have idea to difficult methods, though some invigilators also head to the level of answering some parts of the issue for candidates, apart from other styles as “giraffing, contraband, round, very printing, escort, missiles, and pregnant biros.”

However, what has occurred to the success of the country’s knowledge process from that time till this day? Regrettably, in the extended 21st Century, examination malpractices of varying sorts, types and manifestations, incontrovertibly, have worsened and develop into a national problem. The unbecoming tendency voraciously, remains to consume deep in to the cultural fabric, from major schools to tertiary institutions of understanding across the Nigerian Federation. It’s no wonder then, that the Nigerian Union of Teachers (NUT), of new, passionately requested the National Assembly to declare a situation of crisis in the education segment so as to consciously revamp the lost glory of the once successful industry.

While many stakeholders in the segment yet Waec 2019 free runz, believe that the prevalent malaise the training sector is not only perpetrated by the pupils alone, but in addition with the productive connivance of other stakeholders, including educators, safety agents, exam invigilators, units, supervisors, and the like, examination malpractices have similarly been defined by some in the know of the pervasiveness of the depressing development as “traditional and institutionalised multibillion Naira business”, on which some depraved people, groups and institutions supply fat in the united kingdom at the time of now.

But, a important issue any honest-minded Nigerians ought to question themselves as of this moment is: How did Nigeria get to the decadent state in its knowledge market? Just like some significant stakeholders and authorities severally, have stated heartfelt concerns about the continual injury constant examination malpractices are causing on the state, several factors have been sophisticated because of this unpleasant development.

Among other factors adduced for the astronomical escalation in examination malpractices recently are that using instances, “issues aren’t related to the syllabus”, and therefore, examination malpractices are encouraged. It is also, been so-called that topic syllabuses are bombarded and problematic for exam individuals, so they really sometimes find it difficult to cope. But, are these tenable reasons for questionable individuals and their depraved collaborators to take part in examination irregularities? It’s merely indefensible for individuals to resort to exam irregularities. It’s thought that with established, conscious attempts at succeeding in just about any useful endeavour, including examinations, “where there is a can, there’s a way.”