Hypothermia Machines: What Are the Areas of Application?

Administering blood intravenously is one of the known causes of hypothermia, but the effects can be just as dangerous as hypothermia caused by weather exposure. To prevent medical patients and injury victims from experiencing life-threatening hypothermia, hospitals and emergency medical services (EMS) use a portable one intravenous (IV) fluids. Unlike a standard IV machine, the warmer is lightweight, disposable, and requires no proprietary tubing, making it easy to transport and operate. Today, a disposable blood warmer machine is frequently applied in the following areas:

Military and Government

hypothermia machines help military organizations respond to wounded soldiers. They help government organizations respond to injury victims in the wake of catastrophes.


Due to the cooling effect that anesthesia has on the body; hypothermia is a common side effect of surgery. In addition to increasing the risk of hypothermic coma, this effect also increases the risk of hospital-acquired infections. Even so, many hospitals fail to warm IV fluids during surgery due to (a) lack of time or (b) lack of warming equipment. A hypothermia machine is an ideal solution to these problems for the following reasons:

Across the U.S., hospitals are using hypothermia machines in the following areas, among others: emergency rooms, operating rooms, and labor and delivery units.


After suffering blood loss, many patients arrive in the emergency room in a state of hypothermia. Ideally, these patients should be treated with warm IV fluids while en route to the hospital. A hypothermia machine is ideal for the treatment of EMS patients for the following reasons:

Its small size makes it easy to store in EMS vehicles.

Its setup and warm-up times make it ideal for emergency situations.


In addition to the areas above, they help to prevent one of the primaries – and most dangerous – side effects of non-warmed infusions: hypothermia. If your healthcare facility, clinic, or organization needs to deliver warmed infusions quickly, safely, and without investing in expensive equipment, Gaymar, Meditherm, hypothermia machines are the answer.machine